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Whether you are looking to purchase properties, sell properties, raise capital, or lend capital, Real Investor Data is here to help you and your investing endeavors.  

Every Month, We Pull Thousands of Lists of Exclusive Vacant Properties, Motivated Sellers, Tax Delinquencies, Cash Buyers and Private Money Lenders Nationwide.

Our lists come from a system of databases with 120 million property records from across the United States from multiple sources, aggregates it, combines it and filters it. The information is transferred, parsed, appended, and run through algorithms that segment the data to be organized and ready for you.
Vacant Properties
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Tax Delinquencies
2,000+ in Database
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Data includes Property Type, Address, Value, Date of Transaction, Owner Name, Address, # of Properties Owned / Lent to, etc. Skiptracing is also available to include phone numbers and emails.  Skiptracing also available, to obtain phone numbers and email addresses.
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